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This is the site of THE "hottest stuff" of IT management in Israel

This is the Israeli IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) site. The site serves all the (crazy?) Israelis who willing to improve their IT department into "Service Oriented" department, according to ITIL method. itSMF established to promote the ITIL method among infrastructure professionals in the local IT divisions.

The forum is where experts from various IT professions can meet and share their experience and knowledge regard ITIL and other IT issues.

The founders of the forum put a target to provide the IT experts a place where their ideas can be heard, broadcast and shared as well as improve their professional skills. The local forum is a chapter of the international organization and it also the bridge to the global itSMF.

The forum will assist companies as well as individuals to seek the best solutions for their Infrastructure units by getting the best and experienced professionals in their field, so together we can promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT units, according to ITIL.

What ITIL / ITSM is?
The ITIL method was born in England on the 80's, during their search for the "best way to operate IT". They spend significant effort to learn from IT organizations all over the world, and they came with few books of "Best Practice".

The method divides IT into 10 processes, which describes the way IT should be performed. (like: Change Management, Release Management etc.) - each of those processes is being performed by a member of a team of experts in the organization. While using the ITIL method each one of the processes can be specifically defined as well as the relations between the processes.

The idea is how to move from "Technology Orientated" IT organization into an IT which is aligned to the business and by that brings effectiveness and efficiency to the business.

The process are recommended framework and each organization can apply it, from only one process to the whole package.

itSMF in Israel - what's all about?
itSMF Israel established on early 2006 by Benny Kamin from I-til Consulting - the local ITIL pioneer, Sabina Galat, and Dudu Bar-Yehoshua, and they put on its agenda to distribute ITIL method in Israel.

What are our aims?
  • To develop and promote industry best practice in service management, according to ITIL.
  • To engender professionalism within service management personnel.
  • To provide a vehicle for helping members improve service performance.
  • To provide members with a relevant forum in which to exchange information and share experiences with their peers on both sides of the industry.

    Who are our members?
    Approximately 80% of the membership represents organizations striving to implement and sustain high quality IT Service Management solutions, with the remainder being organizations providing products and services to assist in those endeavors. Organizations range from large multi-nationals through small and medium local enterprises to individual consultants and cover both the public and private sectors.

    What do we offer to our members?
    While, broadly speaking, all chapters offer very similar services, the range and sophistication does vary according to the size and maturity of the chapter.
  • Exchange knowledge: Members are addressed for the latest and the newest on the market.
  • Networking: Exchange practice and best experience with similar team players from different companies.
  • Solutions: Participations in vendor's unique solutions prior to its release to public.
  • IT media: Getting connection to information source for their eyes only.
  • Media reduction: Special prices for ITSM publication.
  • Conference: There will be an annual conference where members will be hosted freely or on symbolic fees as well as special fees for participation in conferences all around the world.

    Who we are?
    itSMF is the only internationally recognized and independent organization dedicated to IT Service Management. It is a not-for-profit organization, wholly owned, and principally operated, by its members.

    The itSMF is a major influence on, and contributor to, industry "best practice" and Standards worldwide, working in partnership with a wide range of governmental and standards bodies worldwide.
    In all the world the forum members are meeting on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (this is where the concept "forum" came from) - the goal of those meetings is to discuss and offer solutions for issues raised while implementing ITIL.
    So when ever we will have our gathering we can share our experience, knowledge and overcome the issues being raised - this is how ITSM being improved and shared.
    In addition to it the forum will help organizations to find the best professionals in their fields to help and improve the day to day operations of the IT units in Israel.
    Meaning: If you are and ITIL consulting or someone who is looking for such services this is the place to find each other.

    The forum managenment team:
    Benny Kamin Benny Kamin
    Benny is ITIL pioneer in Israel. On early 1998 he performed the first project according to ITIL, during building the NSM system at the Israel Electric Company. Benny performed the first ITIL implementation project in one of the biggest banks in Israel, raising 3 ITIL processes at the IT division of the bank. Today Benny (MBA, B.Sc) is the CEO of consulting company named I-til Consulting, which specialized in ITIL implementation projects.
    Alex Rozov Alex Rozov
    Alex is a freelance consultant active in the Area of ITIL since 2001. In 2004 Alex was one of the first 3 certified ITIL Service Managers in Israel and he has been certified as an ITIL V3 Expert since 2009. In the past years Alex have worked with numerous organizations in assessing, re-engineering and implementation of ITIL based processes. Alex has also been acting as the main instructor for ITIL under HP Education in Israel and has educated over a 100 people to ITIL Foundation level, as well as quite a few people to ITIL V3 Expert level.

    Contact us

    Benny Kamin:
    Mobile: +972-52-527 8966
    e-mail: benny@itsmf.co.il

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